Inspired and created in Adelaide, Australia, C/MEO built its signature aesthetic through directional prints, premium fabrics and strong silhouettes.

C/MEO’s coveted creations push boundaries whilst creating an effortlessly cool style, cementing their position as a standout in the Australian and global fashion scene and scoring a spot in Mercedes Benz fashion week 4 times.

C/MEO embodies an affluent style, with the latest trends front of mind at all times. A C/MEO woman takes risks without being reckless, empowered by her authentic taste, she is a leader and a source of inspiration for people around her.

Since establishment in 2010, each of C/MEO’s yearly collections have inspired a central theme, which inspires the fundamental prints, shapes and fabric.

Each capsule collection stands independently from one another and enforces an effortless style, forming a formidable collage of wearable innovation. In this respect, C/MEO are truly innovative, as the process behind their creation runs deeper than just clean lines and following trends.